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TransWare will exhibit at TM Forum Live 2017 from May 15 – 18, 2017 in Nice, France

With an emphasis on ‘making it real’ TM Forum Live! 2017 provides you with impartial, actionable advice and the practical next steps you’ll need to navigate and manage this new environment and the complicated digital ecosystems which now exist.

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TransWare is a member and also a partner of TM Forum. As a partner TransWare translates the Frameworx best practices model content into BPM tool formats such as Microsoft® Visio®, Software AG ARIS and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect to name but a few. TransWare´s products allow organizations to leverage Frameworx for blueprinting and streamlining of their enterprise architecture for a more agile organization.

Two solutions presented by TransWare are based on custom Frameworx eTOM business process models

  • Model-based testing
  • Process performance publishing

Model-based testing leverages process-models for a simulation of the possible end-to-end paths. Output of this simulation are test-cases with test-steps loaded into favorite test environments such as HP ALM or agile platforms like JIRA. The blueprint of new business processes described by eTOM or BPMN can be leveraged for full featured testing without media breaks. The business knowledge is forwarded to testing teams using accurate information for their work with full traceability of requirements.

Process performance publishing is another solution based on eTOM or BPMN business process models. This solution is independent from modeling tools and backend systems. Performance data from backend systems (legacy or standard software like SAP / Oracle) is integrated near real time into a business process view with drill-downs to detailed facts. A business process-driven cockpit allows process owners to monitor and quickly overview the real process performance by KPIs of services, product delivery or financials processes.

The TransWare team can be met at booth 330 Level 3 see the floorplan http://www.tmforumlive.org/resources/floorplan/.



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