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SharePoint® and BPM

Microsoft SharePoint® is an important BPM platform for the collaboration of virtual project teams. This is increasingly used by organizations. SharePoint® offers innovative combinations of workflow, forms and content management functionalities. SharePoint® structures information in document libraries with versioned documents. Documents can be any type of files like Word documents, Excel® sheets or Visio® diagrams.

The documents can be associated with workflows to build a Process Governance Process like e.g. a request-to-change procedure. SharePoint® has built-in goverance functionality such as versioning control and authorization management for documents. This simplifies the governance of policy compliance e.g. like SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) for BPM solutions in the discipline of GRC. BPM-X delivers added value to SharePoint®

  • BPM-X Universal Translator uses SharePoint® webservices to integrate tools like Aris®, ProVisio, System Architect or others
  • BPM-X Designer for Visio supports method-compliant modeling of Visio® diagrams in SharePoint®

Microsoft SharePoint® is offered in two product variants which are both supported by BPM-X:

  • Microsoft SharePoint® Foundation (prior name SharePoint® Services)
  • Windows SharePoint® Standard and Enterprise

SharePoint® offers capabilities regarding collaboration services:

  • Extension of the scope of SharePoint® to other BPM tools for an integration BPM platform
  • Refinement of functionality already supported by SharePoint®, like method compliant modeling with Visio®
  • Easy online office collaboration increases the productivity of BPM
  • Introduction of versioning into BPM modeling and conversion in favor of policy compliance and revision management

The SharePoint® based BPM solution can be used

  • As a pure Microsoft BPM platform in combination with products like Visio®, SQL Server and Reporting Services
  • In combination with BPM tools such as the Aris® platform

The combination of expert BPM tools using SharePoint® as a BPM integration platform allows scenarios such as:

  • The Aris® platform facilitates premium BPM services like process simulation or process cost calculations
  • The BPM-X Designer with Visio® coexists with Aris® for typical BPM tasks like process capturing and process modeling 

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