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Child sponsorships are a personal and very direct way of helping each child we sponsor.  Our children’s home countries are often challenged by a lack of development.  This support helps provide: an improved future, a better education, daily nutrition and regular medical supply.

For years we have been supporting the organization WORLD VISION.

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WORLD VISION is a world-wide partnership which is oriented along Charity benchmarks and is represented by different, nationally independent WORLD VISION offices.
For its global work, the partnership has given itself the following basic values, which are meant to crystalize the action of all employees world-wide.

In part these basic values are we

  • ... are obligated to the poor,
  • ... are there for people,
  • ... are partners,
  • ... meet our challenges,
  • ... commit ourselves.

Instead of making gifts to our valuable customer we donate the money to this organization and assume responsibility for those kids.


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