In our world of global business, new methodologies and services like Service oriented Architecture (SoA) or Software as a Service (SaaS) as well as central IT management and Cloud Computing offers a set of suitable a set of tools to optimize business processes.

BPM-Xchange® offers genuine universal business process model (BPM) transformation for carrying out highly sophisticated BPM conversions between a variety of tools and modeling languages. BPM-Xchange® cana import all popular BPM formats and standards with a set of predefined adapters and templates. The software is highly flexible configurable and can be adjusted for the needs of all known specific BPM environment.

Focus Group

The BPM-Xchange® concepts and technologies are valuable for key people

  • planning strategic IT concepts for SoA and BPM
  • designing ERP application and service integration
  • managing their organization's end-to-end process

such as:

  • CTO
  • IT manager
  • solution architects
  • SOA, enterprise and IT architects
  • Technology consultants

Business Cases

The key driving factors in our business comes from global business impacts and collaboration with business partners:

  • Company acquisitions and mergers (A&M)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Business -to-business processes (B2B)
  • Business applications (ERP)
  • Establish optimized and transparent end-to-end processes (E2E)



These ongoing business requirements have a significant impact for your IT organization and projects such as:

  • Optimizing the ROI with better productivity
  • Reducing project risks within ERP implementations or ERP upgrade scenarios
  • Lowering IT costs for software, services and maintenance
  • Setting up integrated BPM landscapes in your SOA project
  • Consolidate existing BPM tools for a smaller BPM footprint of deployed tools after A&M or the implementation of new BPM tools



BPM-Xchange® offers a unique solution based on universal process model transformations to

  • reuse existing process documentation lsuch as  Visio® diagrams for a quicker BPM project startup
  • consolidate existing BPM tools within the your organizations BPM strategy
  • Build integration scenarios using efficient BPA tools for business users and expert BPM tools for process managers
  • Smooth consolidation of BPM tools instead of  a disruptive replacement to  develop an integrated BPM landscape
  • Use suitable BPM tools for the different roles of BPM participants with seamless data exchange
  • Using process publishing to reduce the number of requests for change in your projects


BPM-Xchange® helps you to implement your BPM strategy with effective technologies. The software connects BPM tools and people. BPM-Xchange® delivers value and benefits:

  • Protection of your investment reusing existing process documentation
  • Reducing project startup costs by automated process model conversion
  • Independence of a specific BPM tool
  • Lowering the TCO by optimized license cost structures, low training and application support costs
  • Reduce costs using available Microsoft Office® products in your organization
  • Improve the ROI by increased productivity of business owners in the BPM process and lowered BPM implementation costs

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