Model Business Processes

Describe business and IT architecture

Business processes within an organization rarely have a well-structured documentation of business architecture, workflows and operational business. The business models and underlying business processes typically evolve from existing workflows and operational practices. BPM-X provides tools and methods to help organizations: document processes and operations, identify best practice, build to-be process models and conduct gap analysis to describe the business to IT transformation.

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Process and Performance Publishing

Transparency and governance of business processes

BPM-X offers an open platform to leverage existing process repositories for the publishing of enterprise and business architecture and sharing workflows as well as operational information with business lines. There is no need to recapture or rework process documentation as the BPM-X Universal Translation toolkit connects to all leading EA and BPM platforms. Therefore the publishing does not depend on existing modeling toolkits.
The main approach of BPM-X is to reduce complexity and to simplify content in a way that gains acceptance by business lines. Hence BPM-X offers a toolbox to transform complex flows in easy to read diagrams and text.

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Link enterprise management tools

Acquire a more agile enterprise and business architecture

Business challenges motivate companies to be more agile. Company acquisitions and mergers or integration of business units are necessitating consolidation programs. Streamlining and harmonization of business processes require continuous reworking of enterprise and business architectures. A common situation is that across the breadth of organizations varying tools are deployed in attempts to orchestrate and master business challenges. Rather than being productive this fact decreases the synergistic prospects between organizational units and/or business amongst partners; they are not consuming or sharing the same information, concepts and therefore language because of media gaps.

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TM Forum Frameworx

TM Forum Frameworx is a suite of best practices and standards that provides the blueprint for effective, efficient business operations. It enables you to assess and optimize performance using a proven, service-oriented approach to operations and integration. The practical tools available in Frameworx help improve end-to-end management of services across complex, multi-partner environments.

TransWare is a partner of the TM Forum organization offering Frameworx including eTOM, SID and TAM as model contents in different modeling tool formats.

We are currently working for Frameworx on Software AG ARIS tool and Frameworx on Sparx Enterprise Architect tool. Other tool formats are created on TMForum member demands.

Please enter your contact details in the following form if you like to be kept informed on the availability of Frameworx on ARIS, Sparx Enterprise Architect and other tool formats.

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Business process-driven testing

A solution offering for better testing of software applications.

Business process models are deliverables created in the documentation (or so called “blueprinting”) phase of application implementation or customizing during enterprise resource planning (ERP).  By generating test cases out of these business process models the models can be greatly leveraged for better quality assurance (QA).

Test cases are deliverables in different data formats for tools like Excel®, SAP® Test Workbench or HP Quality Center (HP ALM / QC). Logical gateways and other kinds of decision logic inside a process model define the process flow.

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