BPM-X Model Migration Service

Kaiserslautern, 11 Feb 2010

BPM-X, the global leader in model exchange technologies, is delighted to announce the introduction of its general BPM-X Model Migration Service for the exchange of model data among a variety of Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Analysis (BPA), Enterprise Architecture (EA), Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), and software design or modeling tools and systems.

The BPM-X Model Migration Service has been designed to provide a fast and cost-efficient migration of model or diagram data from any BPM-specific source format or tool standard into a desired destination format.

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New Distributor in Central and South America

Monterrey, 30 Sep 2009

With a new leading partner in Mexico, the BPM-X company extends its global business activities to the BPM market in Central and South America for universal process transformations and business process management.

The BPM-X product suite will be fully localized for the Spanish language, hence supporting five languages including English, German, Japanese and Russian.

BPM-X supports its partners with technologies, long term BPM expertise and integration services. If you are looking for local support in your BPM projects in Central or South America please contact us <http://www.bpm-x.com/contact

Monterrey, 30.9.2009

SaaS for Service Based Model Exchange

Frankfurt, 21 Sep 2009

This new business model based on exciting software technologies delivers software service on demand. This provides cost efficient integration of the different BPM tools into your organization's BPM landscape.

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New distributors in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan

Singapore, 14 Sep 2009

With new partners in the Far East, the BPM-X company expands its global business activities in the BPM market for universal process transformations.  BPM-X supports its partners with technologies, long term BPM expertise and integration services. If you would like to have local support in your BPM projects in Singapore, Malaysia or Japan please contact us.

Improved XPDL and BPMN support

San Francisco, 17 Jun 2009

The BPM-X process exchange software now offers support for various XPDL versions validated by OMG standards. This allows the connection of BPM tools with BPM(S) and workflow engines like IBM® Websphere or Fujitsu Interstage as well as many others exchanging process models via the XPDL format.

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